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De Core Group

De Core Science & Technologies Ltd. (Noida)

De Core Group of Companies has established South Asia’s first State-of-the-Art Nanosemiconductor fabrication plant along with a material growth facility in Gandhinagar which is owned & operated by De Core Nanosemicondutors Limited, Gujarat,& one of the largest single location die-packaging units in Asia in Noida (National Capital Region of Delhi) which is owned & operated by De Core Science and Technologies Limited, Noida.

Gandhinagar Electronic Special Economic Zone fab. is 20,000 square metres integrated facility, with complete eco- system, having its own gas yard & purified gas production plants & captive generation. This facility is equipped for commercial scale growth of III-V materials and their processing into optoelectronic devices, which the company markets as dies-on-tape and LED modules.

Through De Core Science and Technologies Limited, Noida; the group has established a State-of-the-Art die- packaging unit in Noida Special Economic Zone using innovative concepts and technologies to produce lighting applications which maintain high luminous efficacy of LED dies. The Noida facility has 6,000 square metres of constructed area and has the distinction of being the largest die packaging unit in this part of the world. De Core manufactures LED modules and packages, modules on PCB and customized luminaires, with a specific focus on the manufacturing of LED general area lights, LED street lights, LED rural lamps, auto lighting components and large area tiled video displays (Video walls). De Core with its in-house capability also designs & manufactures its own power supplies, drivers and controls for LEDs.

Die Packaging Unit at De Core Science & Technologies Ltd. (Noida)

By virtue of owning and operating its own semiconductor facility, die packaging unit, power supply manufacturing, luminaire manufacturing & assembly lines De Core Group achieves complete vertical integration of LED technology product fabrication, consequently ensuring full control over quality and pricing.

The Group under De Core Nanosemicon Limited, St. Petersburg, Russia has commenced establishment of a semiconductor crystal-growth facility for taking advantage of the immense material science potential in Russia as well as to establish a foot hold in the burgeoning Russian lighting market.

The Group Companies possess several Intellectual Properties rights in the field of materials, control and manufacture of LED products.

Group Companies have supplied its products to various large corporations in India including - Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Central Electronics Limited, Oil & Natural Gas Commission, Procter & Gamble, Alcatel-Lucent, Amity University etc. while the list of its clients is enhancing with every passing moment.

The Company has also launched a marketing office in Doha, Qatar.