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IP65+ with Nano-coated Polymer Optics

High level Ingress protection with polymer has been a major challenge. Owing to stringent requirements by north European markets against moisture ingress or moisture trap through the process of manufacturing in LED public lights (in north Europe moisture freezes to ice and every time the light is switched on it again vaporizes – this leads to cyclic stresses and reduction in life of the system. This Co. maintains a low level of RH in its products manufactured, using special nano-coated polymer covers & a manufacturing innovation. This allows this Co. to produce IP65+ outdoor luminaires with polymer and without any additional glass on top of it while providing exceptionally high strength and weathering resistance, making it an Arizona Test Pass product. Consequently, we have a higher lumen output (glass consumes up to 20% of the light from the LEDs). In other words we deliver more light from the system in the same amount of Watts consumed vis-à-vis our competition.