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Dependency Structure Matrix

Dependency Structure Matrix is an analytical tool. De Core is one of the first Company, which has innovated and use of Dependency Structure Matrix for managing an organization. The Co. uses DSMs in its R&D & product development.

A DSM is a knowledge repository which encapsulated know-why and know-how both. One of the major advantages of DSMs vis-à-vis other knowledge repositories is that the knowledge is not just possessed but it is put to work in a DSM by creating a dependency structure between existing knowledge and any new knowledge.

An Organizational DSM are build to ensure exceptionally high quality decision making at all levels of an organization.

In R&D DSM act like predictive DFMEAs. It ensures that there are no such situations where the non-study of interdependencies leads to resolution of one problem but evolution of a newer one.

The Co. provides training to its staff to segregate constants and variables in everything they do and report the variables to a DSM officer. The DSM officers in consultation with the originator of the DSM element, weaves it into the DSM. Thereon, this element becomes a part of organizational knowledge and gets into working by itself, every time an impact diagram is drawn.

A good use/example of our creation of Organizational DSM would be – In most nations there are huge number of problems & obstructions as well as huge litigation costs for interpretation of laws & policies which very often conflict with existing laws. This happens, because there is no impact diagram of how changes brought together by existing laws/policies will get impacted by a new law/policy proposed. Usually, this is known only after litigation reveals the conflict. Imagine, that for any new proposed legislation an impact diagram is provided in advance – which clearly identifies how any existing law will get impacted by the new law proposed, qualities of laws & policies and litigation resources will get grossly saved, while reducing the total cost of enactment and even more importantly the time required for scrutiny of new laws. 

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